We are a small Bahamian family with a dream to better our country.


In an age of information we decided to create vs compete with our fellow Bahamians and provide the information needed to succeed.


We continue to develop our online shopping experience to ensure our clients have what they need at their finger tips.

What makes the handmade soap truly unique? First we care about the look of our soaps hence we use the cold process method of making soaps. We do this to create some of the most beautiful soaps you can find in the Bahamas and in the Caribbean. All made with grade A vegetable oils and given the best designs from simplicity to complicated.

We started out in a small kitchen, and we remain committed to the handcraft approach. Started in 2017 we took time to learn before we ventured out. Although our beginnings were small we do not plan to remain that way. Started by a husband and wife team we have committed ourselves to learning more about the intricacies of candle and soap making. Having a desire to learn for a while we finally took the plunge and signed up for a local class.

After learning the art of candle and soap making from a local crafter, we took our newly found knowledge and proceeded to expound on it. We found that there was much more to this craft than we thought or could even expect. We started testing and improving on our products with family members and friends. This initial start up would be considered a loss by many but we wanted to ensure that our formulas were safe and our process repeatable for consistency.

We have now developed a few products that we are proud of and are constantly testing and developing new products and upgrading ourselves as we grow. Our goals for Bahamas candle and Soap takes on the form of being able to offer candles and soap throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Join us on the journey, keeping the Bahamian people clean and feeling confident every day.