6 Tools needed to make melt and pour soap.

Making melt and pour soap is fairly simple, however there is no substitute for having the right tools for the job. The 6 tools needed to make melt and pour

6 problems with melt and pour soap you didn’t know.

Melt and pour soap is by far the easiest way to get in to soap making. The method is in its name, melt and pour. However there are a few

How to make wood grain cold process soap?

Wood grain soap recipe Wood grain soap is not actually a soap with special properties but a technique used to make the soap look like wood grain. Although the ingredients

List of candle making terms you should know.

A AdditiveA substance blended with wax to enhance its burning qualities or alter its properties.  Additives may include vybar, stearic acid, or UV inhibitor to name a few. AfterglowThe light

What is the curing time for different candle waxes?

When making candles, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which wax to use. Each type of wax has its own unique properties that can affect everything from

How to avoid these 5 melt and pour soap making problems

Making melt and pour soap is fairly easy, in fact it is so easy it’s often the first type of soap we recommend new soapers get into. However too many

Everything You Need to Know About Making Container Candles

Candle making is a fun, easy way to create personalized gifts and decorations for your home. This blog post will discuss the different types of waxes that can be used

How To Make Cold Process In The Pot Soap Swirl?

Soap making level – Intermediate In the pot soap swirl cold process technique – Introduction The in the pot soap swirl video below was a bonus video made mainly due

How to make 100% Olive oil, Castile soap?

Castile Soap Recipe Castile soap has been known as a soap made entirely from olive oil. However any soap made of primarily vegetable oil can be considered castile soap. Its

How To Make Activated Charcoal Soap – Cold Process Method.

Soap making level – BASIC Activated charcoal soap is typically combined with tea tree essential oil which makes it a very popular soap that is easy to make but also