Candle and Soap making Workshop

Learn to make handmade natural candles and soaps.

One and Done

1 Day Workshop
3 - Lessons
5 Hours
12 Seat
Mark your calendar and book your seat...

February 8, 2020


This workshop is held in conjunction with Queens College Center for Further Education. Please contact the center to reserve your seat.

Call - 677-7639



12 Seats Available

Why only 12 persons? The first class we pushed the envelope and extended the class to 12 persons. We were booked at 10 but made the call to accept two more and it worked out just fine. Candle and Soap making are technically easy to learn however we have found that safety is a vital part of the process. To ensure that students understand the risk involved when working with super heated materials along with other undiluted raw materials we prefer to keep the classes small enough to manage each person and their learning process.

What to bring

  • Rubber gloves
  • long sleeve shirt
  • closed toe shoes
  • long pants
  • Silicone spatula
  • Steel whisk
  • 1  4 cup glass measuring cup  32oz
  • 2 glass measuring cups  16oz

What you will Learn

  • Safety practices for candles and Soaps
  • Differences between Fragrances and Essential Oils
  • Tools for Candle Making
  • Preparing Wax for candles
  • Wick placement
  • Making scented candles
  • Tools for Soap Making
  • Soap Molds
  • Cold Process method of soap making
  • Melt and Pour soap making
  • ...and much more

Raw materials and molds will be provided

Candle and Soap, raw materials will be available for purchase after the class.

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