Making Honey and Oats Natural Soap

Making Honey and Oats Natural Soap

Making Honey and Oats Natural Soap

Making a new type of soap for the product line as I mentioned is not as easy and we once thought it would be. We eventually came across this recipe to make Honey and Oats natural soap, and it appeared a few places in the books we have to study soap making.  It was at first a bit daunting as there may be a few issues we had not faced yet but it was also interesting because it actually included the ingredients of  honey and oats.  Well it looked pretty simple we had all the ingredients and they can be found relatively easily so we went with it.

Now if you dont know im a very technical guy so I like to be as precise as I can be with anything. It took me a while to get the right amount Handmade soap, Honey and Oats, of ingredients all weighed and measured so as to yield the right amount of soap with all the properties that we wanted such a soap to have. A stable but bubbly lather that conditions the skin very well but also have a hard enough soap bar that it would not waste away when its exposed to water.

Once the right balance was calculated i had to then calculate how much honey and oats to put into the recipe. Honey is filled with sugar and during the soap making process if too much is added it will turn into a hard crystallized substance in pockets of your soap. If too little then you loose the benefits of the honey on your skin.  Then the next issue is how to add the oats, whole, semi broken or in a powered form. Then how would it react to all the other ingredients? Needless to say It took a bit longer to plan the making of this soap than it did to actually make it.

Once we were satisfied that the formula was sound and by following our method of making soap we should have a fairly good soap on our hand that we would be proud to add to our product line. The good news is we have had some practice and were a bit more confident in making soap. So off we went mixing and stirring adding this and that all in a sequence to ensure a good soap at the end of it all. At the last moment I wanted to be a bit more ambitions, so I added just a little coloring to help bring out the honey look. In the end it was a good idea just should have calculated the right amount.

Handmade soap, Honey and Oats,

The soap poured easily and the look was marvelous, the smell was relaxing and all seemed pretty good with this batch.  At first I wanted a nice blocked bar but then opted for a peaked look and also added some oats as decoration on the top. After leaving it to harden for over 24 hours I was able to release it from the mold and gaze at the latest creation.

Honey and Oats Reveal

I must admit I was pleased with this test. All the calculations and all the measurements were on point, this was a good batch of Honey and oats handmade soap.  The bar was sturdy and strong, the color was bold, the scent was fragrant and the over all aesthetic was pleasing to the eye. This will make a good addition to our product line. All that left is for us to test its effectiveness and ensure that our calculations were infact on point.

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