Truly Handmade

What does it mean to be Truly Handmade?

To make something authentically handmade, is to make an item purely with the strength of ones hands and without machinery. This is not to say that tools do not make the job easier but a statement that lets you know that your product has not been mass produced in a factory of where the cheaper ingredients are used to cut cost and produce a working product but not necessarily a good product.

Without boring you about handmade items, as you can find more information on our blog, commercial soap vs handmade soaps have their drawbacks during the manufacturing process. With handmade items such as our soaps which are made in small batches, we can assure you that you get all the best attributes of each ingredient used.

Our candles and melts are all vegetable based waxes, this my come at a slighter higher cost but when it comes to the health of your our customers we offer nothing but the safest and best products. Our Handmade candles are made from 100% soy wax or bees wax. We use fragrances that have been tested to not cause any harm to you, your children or your pets.

Any soap that is made primarily in what is known as the cold process or hot process method of soap making, is

considered to be handmade. The Candle making process of hand pouring wax into containers or shapely molds is a time honored method of hand crafted candle making. In other words... you may hear are hand crafted or home made candle or soaps, either way you put it, this is what we do to make authentically handmade, home based candle and soap products.

By the way, our products are not only handmade but made exclusively by Bahamians in the Bahamas.